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Viable Drafting Solutions


About Us

Viable Drafting Solutions

Viable Drafting Solutions implements the proper guidance and space for your clients to turn their dreams and ideas into reality. 

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Brightly Lit Kitchen

Our Services

Viable Drafting Solutions provides our clients with a range of drafting services from new construction and renovations for permit application, to kitchen and bathroom exploration in 3D views.  Creating a seamless experience from start to finish.

What the Imagination Holds


"I was so happy with the final design of our home. Steven had some great ideas!

Sarah Reid,

Salt Spring Island

"I have a hard time picturing things and I couldn't afford an architect. Viable Drafting Solutions made it all possible! Thanks again!"

Mary and Lars Williams

"It is so affordable, that I can fit it in my quote and not make a big difference. I will be using Viable Drafting Solutions on all my jobs."

Chris Parks, Phoenix Millwork

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